Three Facial Features Shall be Taken Into Consideration When Choosing Sunglasses

Published: 20th July 2011
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Nowadays, it is generally accepted that sunglasses are the most important fashion Adornments. So, when we choose sunglasses, we should not only pay attention to their practical functions, but also should care about their designs and fashion statements. What the most important thing is that we should choose the best suitable sunglasses. When it refers to choose the best suitable sunglasses, most of people may naturally think about our face shape. In fact, that is not enough. If you want to choose a pair of suitable and fashionable sunglasses, you must care about your facial features such as your nose, eyes, and eyebrow.

Nose and sunglasses

Everyone has special facial features which are different from others. For people who have small nose, they need choose sunglasses which can make their nose look larger. So, they can try fashion sunglasses with light –colored and a higher nose bridge. For people who have a large nose, they’d better choose large frame to balance their image. And they should avoid small frame which will make their nose more prominent. For people who have a long nose, they can try some double-beam frame which can make their nose look shorter.

Eyes and sunglasses

As we know, the eyes are not the only the window of our heart, but also a very important organ on our face. So, the eyes’ different location in the sunglasses lenses gives others different impression. Some people may think that the sunglasses will cover our eyes if we wear them. In fact, even if the sunglasses hide our eyes, they still have an influence of how we look. Generally speaking, if we divide the lenses into two part transversely, a pair of suitable sunglasses shall let the eyes in the position which is on the upper of the demarcation line. Of course, the position of eyes can be adjusted through nose pad and temples.

Eyebrow and sunglasses

As a decisive part of facial images, eyebrow is also very important element to choose sunglasses. Usually, the ideal sunglasses frame should be under your eyebrow when your wear them. Besides, the shape of your eyebrow also affects the choices of sunglasses. For example, if you have up-wrap eyebrows, you should avoid choosing sunglasses which have frame in up-wrap shape. You’d better choose some sunglasses with straight frame.

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